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iOS App Development - Level 1

The next offering of this course has not yet been scheduled.

Learn how to build your own iOS Mobile Application

## Students will be required to bring their own Mac Laptop. This course can not be completed on a regular PC - must be a Mac## Course Outcomes Upon completing this beginner iOS development course, students will: Understand Computer and Coding Basics: Grasp the principles of computer software and programming's role in creating applications. Learn Coding Fundamentals: Gain knowledge of essential coding concepts like variables, data types, control structures, and functions, laying the groundwork for advanced programming. Develop Proficiency in Swift: Master the syntax and structure of Swift, the primary language for iOS and macOS app development, enabling basic programming and code comprehension. Explore SwiftUI: Get introduced to SwiftUI, Apple's framework for designing user interfaces, and learn to build simple UI components using a declarative programming model. Practice in Swift Playgrounds: Enhance understanding of coding concepts and their real-world application through hands-on practice in the interactive Swift Playgrounds environment. Understand App Development Basics: Learn app design principles, user interface design, and basic app functionality implementation through guided iOS application development. Complete an App Project: Apply skills to develop an app of their choice from concept to implementation, reinforcing learning and demonstrating the ability to create meaningful software. Prepare for Further Learning: Establish a solid foundation in programming principles, Swift, and SwiftUI, readying students for continued education in app development.

  • From 150 US dollars

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