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STEM Labs - Elementary School


What are STEM Labs for Elementary School?

STEM Labs are immersive, hands-on learning experiences designed for elementary school students to explore various scientific and engineering concepts. Each module offers a deep dive into a specific STEM topic, blending creativity with critical thinking to solve real-world problems.

In our STEM Labs, learners might find themselves assembling skeletal systems and designing organs in a human anatomy module, or experimenting with different materials to create the perfect bubble wand in a material engineering class. They will become junior engineers, tackling projects that span mechanical, civil, electrical, and environmental engineering. Whether they're dissecting owl pellets to understand food chains, exploring the magnetic forces that power our world, or building bridges to study tension and compression, each lab provides a rich, interactive experience.

Each month, STEM Labs introduce a new topic, ensuring that students are constantly engaged and learning something fresh and exciting. This rotating schedule allows learners to explore a wide array of subjects throughout the year, keeping their curiosity and enthusiasm for STEM alive.


STEM Labs are designed to foster a love for science and engineering, encouraging students to think like scientists and engineers while having fun. Whether your child is constructing circuits, designing bridges, or discovering the secrets of the cosmos, STEM Labs provide a comprehensive, engaging education that builds critical skills for the future.

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