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STEM Labs - Middle School


What are STEM Labs for Middle School?

STEM Labs for Middle School are engaging, hands-on learning experiences designed for students to explore advanced scientific and engineering concepts. Each module dives into a specific STEM topic, fostering creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving.


In our STEM Labs, learners might build bridges and towers in structural engineering, investigate chemical reactions, or explore the history and future of space travel. They will use Foldscopes to study cells in microbiology, uncover the science behind sports, and solve crimes with forensic techniques. Students will also delve into radio science with Software Defined Radio, advance their electronics knowledge with Snap Circuits, and design various machines using natural resources and motors.


Each month, a new topic keeps students engaged and learning something fresh. This rotating schedule ensures a wide array of subjects are explored throughout the year, maintaining curiosity and enthusiasm for STEM.


STEM Labs for Middle School are crafted to inspire a love for science and engineering, preparing students for future academic and career pursuits. Whether they are designing structures, investigating chemical processes, or exploring space, STEM Labs provide an enriching, comprehensive education that builds essential skills for the future.

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