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VEX IQ - Robotics for Ages 10-14


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Launch Your Child's Adventure in Robotics

Our VEX IQ program offers a structured and engaging journey for children aged 10-14 to delve into the world of robotics. The program is divided into three tracks, each designed to build essential skills in robotics programming and mechanical design.

Track 1 (depicted in Orange) begins with Robotics Programming Level 1 and 2, where students learn the fundamentals of coding and programming robots. This track focuses on developing computational thinking and problem-solving skills. Track 2 (depicted in Purple) comprises Robot Mechanics Level 3 and 4, which immerses students in the principles of mechanical design and engineering, teaching them how to build and refine their robotic creations. Both tracks are independent of the VEX IQ competition, making them perfect for learners who wish to acquire valuable skills without the pressure of competition.

For those interested in the competitive aspect, Track 3 offers tailored preparation for the VEX IQ Global Competition. Level 5 prepares students with the specific knowledge and strategies needed to excel in this year's competition. Finally, Level 6 involves multi-month participation in the VEX IQ Robotics Competition, where students apply their learned skills in real-world challenges, fostering teamwork, and innovation.

This comprehensive program ensures that every student, whether aiming for personal growth or competitive success, has a pathway to explore and excel in the exciting field of robotics.


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